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1929 CADILLAC Cadillac Index
The series 341-B was similar to 1928 Cadillac Series 341-A except:
There were no serial numbers used. Engine numbers were stamped on the front of the dash and on the crankcase just below the water inlet on the right side. Starting 320002. Ending: 338104.

1929 Cadillac Sport Coupe

Style No.DoorsBody TypeSeatingPriceWeight
Fisher -- 140 in. wheelbase
1183-B4-dr.Sport Phaeton4P$39505110
86304-dr.Imperial Sedan7P$3995-
86504-dr.Imperial Sedan5P--
86604-dr.Town Sedan5P$34955028
86802-dr.Convertible Coupe2/4P$35954796
Semi-Commercial - 152 in. wheelbase
NA-Limousine Funeral Coach---
NA-Limousine Ambulance---
Fleetwood - 140 in. wheelbase
3830-C4-dr.Collapsible Imperial5P$5045-
3830-SC4-dr.Collapsible Sedan5P$4895-
3830-L4-dr.Imperial (leather back)5P$4445-
3930-SL4-dr.Sedan (leather back)5P$4295-
38614-dr.Imperial Town (club) Sedan5P--
3861-S4-dr.Club Cabriolet5P$43955120
3861-C4-dr.Collapsible Imperial Club Cabriolet5P--
3861-SC4-dr.Collapsible Club Cabriolet5P$5095-
38554-dr.Imperial Cabriolet5P$43455130
3855-S4-dr.Sedan Cabriolet5P$41955120
3855-C4-dr.Collapsible Imperial Cabriolet5P$5045-
3855-SC4-dr.Collapsible Sedan Cabriolet5P$4895-
3875-C4-dr.Collapsible Imperial7P$5245-
3875-L4-dr.Imperial (leather back)7P$4645-
3875-SL4-dr.Sedan (leather back)7P$4395-
3875-SC4-dr.Collapsible Sedan7P$4995-
3875-X4-dr.Imperial (full leather quarter)7P$4795-
3875-SX4-dr.Sedan (full leather quarter)7P$4545-
3180-All Weather Phaeton5P$57505130
38804-dr.Imperial All Weather Phaeton5P$59955140
35124-dr.Trans. Town Cabriolet5/7P$52505180
3512-C4-dr.Collapsible Touring Town Cabriolet5/7P$59505180
35204-dr.Trans. Town Cabriolet7P$55005180
3520-C4-dr.Collapsible Touring Town Cabriolet7P$62005180
35254-dr.Trans. Town Cabriolet7P$55005180
3525-C4-dr.Collapsible Touring Town Cabriolet7P$55005180
35914-dr.Touring Limousine Brougham7P$55005180
3591-C4-dr.Collapsible Touring Landau Brougham7P$62005180
35504-dr.Full Collapsible Touring Cabriolet7P$6700-

1929 Cadillac 1929 Cadillac


Engine descriptionNinety degree V-8, L-head. Eight cylinder. Cast iron block on Copper/Aluminum crankcase.
Bore and Stroke3-5/16 x 4-15/16 in.
Displacement341 cu. in.
Compression ratio5.3:1 std. 4.8:1 opt.
Brake H.P.90 plus advertised.
SAE/Taxable/N.A.C.C. H.P.:35.1
Main bearingsThree
Valve liftersMechanical, with rollers riding on cams
CarburetorManufactured by Cadillac under C. F. Johnson patents.
Compression90-92 psi @ 1000 R.P.M., 105-107 psi @ 1000 RPM with hi-compression heads

1929 Cadillac


-Series 341-BSeries 341-B Commercial Chassis
Wheelbase140 in.152 in.
Overall Length213-1/4 in.-
Front/Rear Tread56/58 in.56/58 in.
Tires7.00-20 (32 x6.75)7.00-20 (32 x 6.75)

1929 Cadillac


TransmissionSelective synchromesh transmission
Speeds3 Forward, 1 reverse
ControlsLeft drive, center control (rhd opt)
ClutchTwin disc clutch
DriveShaft drive (torque tube)
AxleFull floating rear axle, spiral bevel drive
Overall ratio5.08:1 std; 4.75:1, 4.39:1 opt.
BrakesDuplex-mechanical brakes on four wheels. All shoes inside drums
Drum size16-1/2 in.
WheelsWood artillery wheels (wire and disc opt)
Wheel size20 in.

1929 Cadillac 1929 Cadillac

Folding trunk rack$25.00
Step plate$3.25 ea.
Tire mirrors$30.00
Wind win s$15.00-30.00
Herald ornament$12!00
Seat coversSpotlight$35.00
Tire covers$10.00
Tonneau windshield$120.00
Natural wood wheels$10.00 extra
5 disc wheels$20.00
6 disc wheels, fender wells, 2 spares$175.00
5 wire wheels$95.00
6 wire wheels, fender wells, 2 spares$250.00
Fender wells for wood wheels, 2 spares$140.00


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