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Overall styling and appearance was identical to the V-8 except for the emblems.

Mechancial features were the same as the V-8 except for minor differences dictated by the increased power and weight (gear ratios, tire size, vacuum assist on brakes, battery/generator capacity). Dual exhaust system had tuning chambers in mufflers rather than attached to tail pipes. Dual ignition coils were mounted in top tank of radiator.

The engine was basically the same as the 370-A. Fuel feed changed from vacuum tank to mechanical pump. New Cuno disc type self-cleaning oil filter was mounted at right hand side of clutch housing, connected to starter pedal to rotate discs each time pedal was depressed. New Detroit Lubricator dual carburetors were first departure by Cadillac in twenty years from a Cadillac-Johnson carburetor.

1932 Cadillac Model 370-B


Fisher 134" wheelbase
Job numberDoorsStyleSeatingPriceWeight
32-12-1552-doorRoadster2/4$35954870 lb
32-12-1782-doorCoupe2/4$34954085 lb
32-12-1682-doorConvertible Coupe2/4$36455060 lb
32-12-1594-doorStandard Sedan5$35955175 lb

Fisher 140" wheelbase
Job numberDoorsStyleSeatingPriceWeight
32-12-2364-doorStandard Phaeton5$36955240 lb
32-12-2804-doorSpecial Phaeton5$37955290 lb
32-12-2734-doorAll Weather Phaeton5$41955385 lb
32-12-2794-doorSport Phaeton5$39455340 lb
32-12-2722-doorCoupe5$36955220 lb
32-12-2594-doorSpecial Sedan5$37455345 lb
32-12-2524-doorTown Sedan5$37955370 lb
32-12-2624-doorSedan7$38455460 lb
32-12-2634-doorImperial Sedan7$39955500 lb

1932 Cadillac Model 370-B

Fleetwood 140" wheelbase
Style numberDoorsStyleSeatingPrice Weight
5030-S Sedan5$40955 345 lb
5075-S4-doorSedan7$42455460 lb
50754-doorLimousine7$44455500 lb
50812-doorTown Coupe5$40955225 lb
50124-doorTown Cabriolet5/7$47955380 lb
50914-doorLimousine Brougham7$49455580 lb
50254-doorTown Cabriolet7$49455580 lb

Fleetwood 140" Wheelbase Special
Style numberDoorsStyleSeatingPriceWeight
5029 Imperial5$--lb
50304-doorImperial Sedan5$-- lb
5030-FL4-doorImperial Cabriolet5$-- lb
5030-SFL4-doorSedan Cabriolet5$-- lb
5031 Imperial Sedan5$-- lb
5031-S Sedan5$--lb
5055 Imperial Sedan5$-- lb
5055-C Collapsible Imperial Sedan5$-- lb
5056 Imperial Cabriolet5$-- lb
5057 Transformable7$-- lb
5065 Imperial Sedan7$48955295 lb
5075-FL4-doorLimousine Cabriolet7$-- lb
5075-H4 Imperial Sedan7$-- lb
5082 Sedan5$-lb
50852-doorConvertible Coupe5$49955200 lb





Tire cover(s)$5-$20 each
Heron or Goddess$20
RadioPrice on application
Auxiliary lights$37.50-57.50
Wind wings$25-47.50
Tonneau Shield$185
Seat covers$26.50-73.50
Mirrors$8-16 each
Full covers for wire wheels$10 each
6 wire wheels with fender wells and trunk rack$150
5 demountable wood wheels$30
6 demountable wood wheels with wells and rack$186
Colored fender set$50

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