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1946 CADILLAC Cadillac Index

black 1946 Cadillac Model 62 Sedanet right front corner view Ending a hurried production run that had begun four years earlier, just after Pearl Harbor, the last M-24 tank rolled off the Cadillac assembly line on August 24, 1945. Amazingly, the first '46 Caddy was produced on October 7, 1945.

black 1946 Cadillac left rear corner view By necessity, the '46 Cadillac was a quickly thrown-together rehash of what Cadillac had offered in 1942, and only Series Sixty-Two four-door sedans were built at first. Cadillac ads made much of the fact that their "Battle-Proved" engines and transmissions were the only automotive components continually produced without interruption during the war, and improved along the way to boot. A major modification, however, was the adoption of a negative battery ground.

1946 Cadillac right front corner view Styling changes were minimal, though noticeable. Rectangular parking lights resided on the upper portion of the slightly modified grille (with fewer vertical bars), and wraparound bumpers were adopted front and rear. The front of the hood and the decklid now sported the Cadillac crest nestled in a "V," which would become a long-standing trademark, so the Cadillac block lettering was moved to the front fenders.

black 1946 Cadillac right front corner view Model offerings were pared to just 11 for 1946. Gone entirely were the Series Sixty-Three and Sixty-Seven, while the Sixty Special lost its division-window model, as well as the vertical chrome strips on the fenders. The latter were replaced by five hash marks on each C-pillar. Series Sixty-One and Sixty-Two continued with the coupe and sedan, and the later boasted the only convertible in the lineup as since 1941. The Series Seventy-Five, meanwhile, was pared to five models, down three, although five-, seven-, and nine-passenger models were still listed, as were the Imperial models with divider windows. Seventy-Fives traded the hood louver decorations and triple fender speedlines of '42 for an almost full-length chrome strip starting at the front of the hood, and gained stainless steel running boards. Cadillac block lettering was moved to the lower front fenders.

1946 Cadillac Dash Strikes and materials shortages, particularly of sheet steel, were major industry-wide problems during the '46 production year. Thus, some Cadillacs went through the assembly lines with only brackets to hold temporary wooden bumpers -- the real ones had to be installed by dealers as they became available later.

navy 1946 Cadillac left rear corner view Pressure on Cadillac to produce was intense. Even in 1947, there were still almost 100,000 unfilled orders for what one division sales manager, D. E. Ahrens, called "... one of the most sought-after, and most scarce items in the world today." People knew Cadillac's value and prestige, and that was what they wanted, but due to the early postwar difficulties only 29,214 customers got to drive a '46 Caddy home.

1946 Cadillac Seats And those that managed to get one paid for the privilege, as the price-leader Sixty-One fastback now started at $2052, up a whopping 41.5 percent over 1942. The Business Imperial nine-passenger sedan, the most expensive 1946 offering, listed at $4346, up $1266, or 41.1 percent. Of course, pricing was a problem for all automakers in the inflationary days following the war.

black 1946 Cadillac right front corner view

In 1946 four models were offered: Series 61, Series 62, Series 60 Special Fleetwood, and Series 75 Fleetwood.


All 1946 Cadillacs were a continuation of pre-war styling and engineering with the unpopular 63 and 67 Series being dropped. Features common to each series included:
Cadillac's lowest-priced Series 61 line was based on the General Motors' B-Body, also used on cars in the Buick 40, Olds 70 and Pontiac 26 and 28 series. Fastback styling characterized the two available body styles which saw a late production startup in May, 1946. Standard features included
The gas filler cap was located under the rear signal lamp.


Model NumberBody StyleDoorsModelSeatingFactory PriceShipping WeightProduction Total
46-6161072-doorClub Coupe5$20524145800
46-6161094-doorSedan521764225 2,200
46-61--Chassis only---1


black 1946 Cadillac side view

The Series 62 Cadillacs were based on the General Motors'C-Body, also used on the Cadillac 60S, Buick 50 and 70 and Oldsmobile 90 series. Notchback styling characterized the racy-looking cars in this line except for the Club Coupe, which had fastback styling. The Series 62 four-door sedan was the first Cadillac to enter production after WWII. Styling and technical features were similar to those seen on lower priced models, but on a longer chassis with slighly richer interior appointments.


Model NumberBody StyleDoorsModelSeatingFactory PriceShipping WeightProduction Total
46-6262072-doorClub Coupe5228442152,323
46-626267D2-doorConvertible Coupe5255644751,342
46-6262694-doorSedan 52359429514,900
46-62--Chassis only---1


1946 Cadillac Emblem on hood

The Series 60 Special Fleetwood line included only one model, a four-door sedan also based on the corporate C-Body. However, each door was made two inches wider, amounting to an overall four inch extension over the standard Series 62 sedan. For easy identification, there were four slanting louvers on the rear roof pillar and a distinctive type of roof drip molding, which was separate for each door opening.


Model NumberBody StyleDoorsModelSeatingFactory PriceShipping WeightProduction Total
46-60S60694-doorSedan 6309944205,700


Cadillac's Fleetwood Series 75 long-wheelbase line used totally distinctive bodies which were not shared with other General Motors' divisions. They were generally characterizd by a pre-war appearance and came in five different touring sedan configurations: with quarter windows; with auxiliary (jump) seats; business; Imperial 7-passenger and Imperial 9-passenger (the later two both having jump seats). Standard equipment included large wheel discs, fender skirts, hood, side and lower beltline moldings and stainless steel running boards.


Model NumberBody StyleDoorsModelSeatingFactory PriceShipping WeightProduction Total
46-7575194-doorSedan 542984860150
46-7575234-doorSedan 744754905225
46-757523L-Business Sedan94153492022
46-757533L-Imperial Business Sedan94346492517
46-757533-Imperial Sedan746694925221
46-75--Commercial Chassis---1,292

Note: Commercial chassis featured a 163 inch wheelbase.


ModelWheelbaseOverall LengthFront TreadRear TreadTires
Series 61126 inches215 inches59 inches63 inches7.00 x 15
Series 62129 inches220 inches59 inches63 inches7.00 x 15
Series 60S133 inches224 inches59 inches63 inches7.00 x 15
Series 75136 inches227 inches59 inches63 inches7.50 x 16

None available.



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