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1947 CADILLAC Cadillac Index

1947 Cadillac Convertible left side view Although there was little change from '46, the quickest way to distinguish a '47 was the Cadillac name written in script on the front fenders. And while spartan rubber stone guards had been used on the leading edge of the rear fenders for '46, they were made of stainless steel in 1947. A full wheelcover, which came to be called the "sombrero" because of its size and shape, replaced the diminutive standard '46 hubcap. The housings for the fog lamps and parking lights were combined for '47 and one of the horizontal bars of the grille was eliminated. The trunk emblem, meanwhile, sprouted LaSalle-like wings (except on the Sixty Special). Overall, the effect of the '47 styling was a bit more "Cadillac" than in 1946.

1947 Cadillac 2-door right front view Mechanically, the '47 engine was toughened with hardened ball seats as a component of the hydraulic valve lifters. Cadillac considered this improvement important enough to phase it in on the late '46s. Sixty-Two convertibles and the Seventy-Fives were now equipped with Hydro-Lectric window lifts as standard equipment. This was a complicated hydraulic system that requires careful attention to long-term maintenance for the collector who owns a Cadillac so fitted.

1947 Cadillac convertible left front view By the end of the 1947 model year, Cadillac was back on its peacetime track. The number of cars produced reached 61,926 units, more than twice that of '46. And while Packard had regularly outproduced Cadillac in the prewar years (largely on the strength of its junior cars), and edged out Cadillac by 1579 units for '46, Cadillac beat Packard by a solid 10,840 units in 1947. Packard would enjoy an edge again in 1948 and '49, while Cadillac was tooling up its new postwar styling and sensational overhead-valve V-8.

1947 Cadillac convertible right side view But when Cadillac showed up for 1950 with new styling again, it left Packard in the dust, never to look back again. The "Standard of the World" reigned supreme in America, and it wasn't until the late Eighties that Cadillac would again face a formidable domestic competitor, this time Lincoln.

1947 Cadillac convertible right front view But during the Forties, Cadillac not only consolidated its engine and model offerings, but it also managed by decade's end to consolidate its hold on the luxury car market. And it did this by giving its owners a "Rich Reward": quality, style, and performance.

1947 Cadillac convertible left front view A minor styling facelift characterized 1947 Series 61 Cadillacs, which now had grilles with five massive horizontal blades instead of the six used the previous year. A new identification feature was a striped field for the V-shaped hood crest. Sombrero style wheel covers were an attractive new option seen on many Cadillacs. In the logo, department, a script type nameplate replaced the block lettering used on the sides of front fenders in 1946. Upholstery and paint combinations were generally revised and steering wheel horn rings were changed to a semicircular design. The old style rubber stone shields were replaced with a bright metal type and a new winged trunk ornament was used on all models except the Series 60 Fleetwood Special sedan. Other features were basically unchanged over last year's cars. The Series 61 models continued to utilize the GM B-Body with fastback styling.

Cadillac right front view

Model NumberBody StyleDoorsModelSeatingFactory PriceShipping WeightProduction Total
47-6161072-doorClub Coupe5220040803,395
47-6161094-doorSedan 5232441655,160

Cadillac 4-door left side view

Cadillac 4-door front view

Cadillac 2-door left side view Series 62 Cadillacs were again based on the GM C-Body and had a slightly sleeker appearance than models in the outer lines. Notchback styling we seen on all models, except the fastback coupe. However, it was easy to distinguish this car from a 61 coupe, as the door skins did not flare-out above the rocker panels; the side window openings were lower and the reveal moldings circled each window individually instead of looping around all windows as on the smaller car. The 62 sedan also had door skins which mated flush with the rocker panels and featured ventipanes on both the front and rear windows. The 62 convertible was the only open-bodied Cadillac available.

Cadillac 4-door back view

Model NumberBody StyleDoorsModelSeatingFactory PriceShipping WeightProduction Total
47-6262072-doorClub Coupe5244641457,245
47-6262672-doorConvertible Coupe5290244556,755
47-6262694-doorSedan 52523423525,834
47-62--Chassis only---1

1947 Cadillac convertible left front view

Cadillac 4-door right side view
Two-inch wider doors were again seen on the Series 60 Special Fleetwood line, giving this car a custom look, as compared to standard Series 62 sedans based on the same GM C-Body shell. A heavy upper beltline molding, individual window loop moldings, and four slanting louvers on the rear roof pillar were identification features as was the new Fleetwood trunk ornament, which varied from that seen on lower models. Bright metal stone guards were adopted this season and skirted rear fenders were used again.


Model NumberBody StyleDoorsModelSeatingFactory PriceShipping WeightProduction Total
47-6060694-doorSedan 6319543708,500


Unchanged in all but minor details for 1947, the big Fleetwood 75 series continued to use the touring sedan body with a stately, pre-war appearance. It came in the same five configurations marketed the year before and had the same assortment of standard equipment geared to the luxury class buyer.


Model NumberBody StyleDoorsModelSeatingFactory PriceShipping WeightProduction Total
47-7575194-doorSedan 543404875300
47-7575234-doorSedan 745174895890
47-757523L4-doorBusiness Sedan941954790135
47-757533-L-Imperial Business Sedan94388480080
47-757533-Imperial Sedan7471149301,005
47-75--Chassis only---3
47-75--Commercial Chassis---2,423
47-75--Business Chassis---200

Note: The Commercial Chassis and Business Chassis featured a 163 inch wheelbase.



ModelWheelbaseOverall LengthFront TreadRear TreadTires
Series 61126 inches215 inches59 inches63 inches7.00 x 15
Series 62129 inches220 inches59 inches63 inches7.00 x 15
Series 60S133 inches224 inches59 inches63 inches7.00 x 15
Series 75136 inches226 inches59 inches63 inches7.50 x 16




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