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Series 62
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Cadillac The volume Cadillacs were heavily facelifted for 1958 in a manner typical of GM that year. Perhaps the most garish Caddys yet, they were laden with chrome and far less stylish than previous postwar models. Sales were poor, though a nationwide recession was probably more to blame than the baroque styling, which was, after all, in vogue. At 121,778 units, model year production was lower than at any time since 1954. Symbolizing the fall in fortunes was a V-8 slightly detuned in a faint nod toward fuel economy, limited to a single 310-bhp version for all models.

Cadillac Forecasting the future, DeVille became a 62 sub-series for '58, and pillared sedans were temporarily eliminated. The 62 line also gained a hardtop sedan with extended rear deck. All models were available with cruise control, high-pressure cooling system, two-speaker radio with automatic signal-seeking, and automatic parking brake release. A special show Eldorado introduced a "thinking" convertible top that raised itself and the side windows when a sensor detected raindrops, but this was another gimmick that came to nothing.


1958 Cadillac Cadillacs for 1958 were basically carryover models with a facelift on all but the Brougham. There was a new grille featuring multiple round "cleats" at the intersection of horizontal and vertical members. The grille insert was wider and the bumper guards were positioned lower to the parking lamps. New quad (dual) headlamps were seen throughout all lines and small chrome fins decorated front fenders. Tailfins were a bit less pronounced and trim attachments were revised. The word Cadillac appeared, in block letters, on the fins of Series 62 base models. On the sides of the cars there were five longer horizontal windsplits ahead of the unskirted rear wheel housings; front fender horizontal moldings with crests placed above at the trailing edge and no rocker sill trim. The convertible, Coupe DeVille, and Sedan DeVille used solid metal trim on the lower half of the conical projectile flares, while other models had a thin ridge molding in the same location. On 62 Eldorados a V-shaped ornament and model identification script were mounted to the deck lid. The two luxury Cadillacs also had ten vertical chevron slashes ahead of the open rear wheel housings and crest medallions on the flanks of tailfins. Broad, sculptured beauty panels decorated the lower rear quarters on Eldorados and extended around the wheel opening to stretch along the body sills. Standard equipment was the same as the previous year. All-new was an extended deck Series sedan, which was 8.5 inches longer than other base models.

1958 Cadillac Coupe DeVille


Model NumberBody StyleDoorsModelSeatingFactory PriceShipping WeightProduction Total
58K-626239(X)4-doorHardtop Sedan
1958 Cadillac
58K-626239(X)-Export Sedan
58N-626239E(X)-Extended Deck Sedan
1958 Cadillac
58L-626239EDX4-doorSedan DeVille
1958 Cadillac
58G-626237(X)2-doorHardtop Coupe
1958 Cadillac
58J-626237DX2-doorCoupe DeVille
1958 Cadillac
58F-626267X2-doorConvertible Coupe
1958 Cadillac
58-6262-Chassis only---1


ModelWheelbaseOverall LengthFront TreadRear TreadTires
Series 62 58K129.5"216.8"61"61"8.00 x 15 blackwall
Series 62 58G, 58J, & 58F129.5"221.8"61"61"8.00 x 15 blackwall
Series 62 58N & 58L129.5"225.3"61"61"8.00 x 15 blackwall


The 335 horsepower Eldorado engine with triple two barrel carburetion was used on all Eldorados as standard equipment. This engine was also optional for all other Cadillacs.


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