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1975 CADILLAC DEVILLE Cadillac Index
Cadillac Coupe deville 1975
Cadillac Coupe deville


Chrome underscores, DeVille series rear fender nameplates and richer interiors identified Coupe and Sedan DeVille models. They both had slim, triangular rear quarter windows and power front seat adjusters. Luxury flavor options, including d'Elegance and Cabriolet packages were available again.

Cadillac Coupe deville dash

ModelBody/style NumberBody TypeSeatingPriceWeightProduction total
6DD47/J2-door Coupe
6 pass$86005049110,218
6DD49/B4-door Sedan
6 pass$8801514663,352

DescriptionStandard EngineEldorado EngineSeville
Engine typeV-8 Overhead valves. Cast iron block
Main bearingsFive
Valve liftersHydraulic
Displacement500 cubic inches
(7.7 litres)
500 cubic inches
(8.2 litres)
350 cubic inches
(5.7 liters)
Bore and stroke4.300 x 4.304 in.
(109 x 103 mm)
4.300 x 4.304 in.
(109 x 109.3 mm)
4.057 x 3.385 in.
(103 x 86 mm)
Compression ratio8.25:18.25:18.0:1
Brake horsepower (net SAE)210 @ 3600 rpm210 @ 3600 rpm180 @ 4400 rpm
Torque380 ft. lbs. @ 2000 rpm380 ft. lbs. @ 2000 rpm275 ft. lbs. @ 2000 rpm
Oil pressure35 psi35 psi35 psi
CarburetorRochester four-barrel Quadrajet Model 4MV 

ModelWheelbaseOverall lengthWidthTires
Seville114.3 in204 in72 inchesGR78 x 15B
Brougham133 in234 in80 inchesL78 x 15/B white sidewall bias belted
Eldorado126.3225 in
Commercial chassis157.5 in-L-78 x 15/B black sidewall bias belted
Seventy-Five151.5 in253 in
All others130 in231 in

Controlled differential (except Eldorado)$60
Fuel Injection$600

Talisman Brougham$1788
Astro roof$843
Sun roof$668
Rear window defroster, standard on 75s$73
Automatic Level Control$84
Cruise Control$100
Eldorado reclining seat$188
Air cushion restraints$300
Coupe DeVille Cabriolet, without sun roof$236
Eldorado Cabriolet Coupe, without sun roof$413
Brougham d'Elegance Group$784
DeVille d'Elegance group$350
Dual Comfort Six-Way kpassenger seat$125
AM/FM stereo with tape$229
Padded roof on 75s$745

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