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1977 CADILLAC SEVILLE Cadillac Index
Cadillac Seville

Seville had been the first production American car to offer a 350 cu. in. electronic-fuel-injected engine as standard, and it returned for 1977. Sensors fed engine data back to an on-board analog computer under the dash, which in turn signalled the eight injectors how to meter the fuel charge from the constant-supply fuel rail. Added this year were standard four-wheel power disc brakes, a retuned suspension system, and Butyl rubber body mounts. Other standard features included

Cadillac Seville Seville entered the model year wearing a new vertical grille, rectangular quad headiamps, and new amber parking/signal lamps. A total of 21 body colors were offered (15 standard and six extra-cost Firemist), plus 16 color-coordinated Tuxedo Grain padded vinyl tops (including metallic colors). Painted metal tops were also available, but most customers chose vinyl. A new Scan button on the AM/FM signal-seeking stereo radio allowed sampling of each station for six seconds. Seville's front end was similar to full-size Cadillacs, but the grille used only three horizontal divider bars and many vertical bars, forming vertical "holes." That tight grille pattern was repeated between the license plate holder and bumper guards. Four amber-lensed parking/signal lamps sat below the quad rectangular headiamps, with large cornering lamps on fender sides. Cadillac's crest was on the rear pillar; a Seville nameplate on front fenders between door and wheels. On the hood was a stand-up wreath/crest ornament.

1977 Cadillac Seville On the option list: wire wheel covers. Standard upholstery was smooth Dover cloth in claret, black, light gray, dark blue, medium sage green, light yellow-gold, light buckskin, or medium saffron. Optional was Sierra Grain leather in ten colors (including white). Standard fittings included

A chime warned that seat belts weren't buckled. Concealed wipers worked with a Controlled Cycle system. Body finishing used extensive hand work. Large-diameter Pliacell-R- shock absorbers were the same as those on the Cadillac limo. Bolts were epoxy-encapsulated to prevent loosening.

Model NumberStyle NumberBody TypeSeatingFactory PriceShipping WeightProduction Total
6KS694-door Sedan5$13,359419245,060

Note 1: In addition to amount shown, 1,152 Sevilles were built in Canada.

1977 Cadillac Seville






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